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Completing your medical dissertation: How to overcome the common challenges?

Completing your Medical Dissertation: How to Overcome the Common Challenges?

Getting a PhD degree is one of the greatest honors to receive in your academic journey. However, the journey is laden with its own challenges.  The time you need to devote to your research, pass various comprehensive exams, and fulfill the publication requirements are overwhelming.

The life of a medical scholar is highly unpredictable and involves many uncertainties. Whether it’s choosing your medical dissertation topic, preparing the literature review, searching for information and ideas, or compiling the dissertation results, everything can be challenging.  Though you have a mentor to guide you, you yourself will need to pave the road to success!

In this section, we will discuss the common challenges you face during your medical scholar life and while completing your medical dissertation.

And you know the best part?

We will also give quick tips to overcome these challenges.

1) Confusion about the dissertation topic

The most important part of your dissertation writing is to select the right dissertation topic. Your mentor may suggest you some topics, but the ultimate selection lies in your hands. So, how to clear this confusion? How to make topic selection easy?

Here’s the deal:

  • Organise all your dissertations ideas in a folder
  • Choose a topic of your interest, something that syncs with your passion
  • Ask yourself: Is the topic easy for you to study? Can you solve the problem in your dissertation topic within a reasonable time?

2) Please the mentor

If you think, you will always get a mentor who is soft-spoken, helpful and friendly, be ready for the surprise. You may get a mentor who always tries to prove you wrong, disrespects you or may be extremely hard to please.   Frequent disputes with your mentor can land you in trouble and you won’t be able to complete your dissertation on time.

So, if it becomes hard to get along with your mentor well, immediately talk to the concerned committee members of your institute.

3) Difficulty in writing a dissertation

It is the challenge faced by thousands of medical research scholars. They collect all the relevant materials related to the research, but when they sit down to write a dissertation, they become clueless. They don’t know the right process of dissertation writing, the format to follow or the rules to adhere to.

However, you can take care if this problem if you inquire with your University about the guidelines for writing a medical dissertation. You should ask about these guidelines even before you begin your research work. Further, you can visit the University library and see the sample dissertations of previous years.

If you are still not confident about writing your dissertation, take help from the professional medical dissertation writing services.

If you keep these tips in mind, writing your medical dissertation will be a child’s play. Remember, you will get your doctorate degree only once, but your research work will be recalled for years to come. So, make sure you compile a quality dissertation worthy of remembrance and praise from the scientific community.

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