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Common Myths about Scientific Editing Debunked

5 Common Myths about Scientific Editing Debunked

Scientific publications form an integral element of the developing and evolving Health Sciences. Writing a research paper and publishing it in a high-impact journal are the foundation stones on which lay the future of the mankind and health. Therefore, the healthcare professionals around the world always keep the existing knowledge updated and impart new concepts or ideas to their fellow men through their research.

Writing and publishing a research paper demands an expenditure of time, energy, and financial resources.  Most people fear that the journal editors may reject their research paper.

It’s not that they don’t have the potential to write, but each piece of writing mandates an effective proofreading and editing. The same holds true for a research paper which requires a competent scientific editing services.

However, many research scholars deter from submitting their research documents to the scientific editing companies. This is so because they are unaware of the benefits a scientific editing service can give them. Plus, many myths about the service hold them back from leveraging its benefits.

In this post, you will learn about the benefits of hiring a scientific editing service for your research paper.  Also, you will get answers to the wrong beliefs about scientific editing you had been entertaining till now.

How scientific editing helps your research paper?

Scientific editing is the only tool that will make your research paper fit for publication in a journal. With scientific editing, you need not worry that the journal editors will reject your research paper. It incurs the following benefits:

  • Improves your quality of writing
  • Improves the clarity, readability, and flow of information
  • Removes any unnecessary information
  • Makes complex ideas easy to read and understand
  • Emphasizes the novelty and significance of your research
  • Reduces the time and energy spent on a peer review process
  • Creates a good impression upon the journal editors and peer reviewers
  • Increases the likelihood of acceptance by the journal editors and your chances of publication

Common myths regarding scientific editing

Myth 1: I do not need a scientific editing service

Fact: Scientific editing service is an important element without which you can’t suffice. And this is clear from the myriad of benefits it brings to your research paper. Without this service, you stand a high risk of rejection from the journal editors.

Myth 2: Scientific editing is only for inexperienced writers

Fact: Writers, whether a beginner or experienced are likely to make mistakes in spellings, grammar, and organisation of information.  A scientific editing process eliminates such mistakes from your paper. So, the service is necessary for everyone, be it a fresher or an expert.

Myth 3: Scientific editing is only eliminating the language errors in the paper

Fact: Eliminating the language errors is only a part of scientific editing. Scientific editing goes beyond this step to develop and rectify your research paper so that it clearly communicates what it intends to.

Myth 4: Scientific editing is a costly affair

Fact: The cost of scientific editing services is in alignment with the hard work the editors put in to polish and refine your research paper. Every penny you spend on the service is worth it. Plus, you get a customized service as per your requirements at reasonable prices.

Myth 5: A scientific editor will incorporate his own views and not respect mine

Fact: Scientific editors are not your critic; rather they support you at every step in the journey of publication. They only remove or change those parts of your content which requires modifications as per the journal guidelines. And in doing so, they always uphold your voice of opinion.

Do you know why your colleagues’ research papers are getting published and not yours?

Here’s the kicker…

You are withholding yourself from utilizing the preliminary and world-class service for your research paper, the Scientific Editing service!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get one right now!

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