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Publication Support Services

Can the Peer Review Process Be Your Publication Support?

After you submit your paper for publication, it undergoes initial screening by the editorial staff of the journal followed by a peer review.

Peer review is the process of reviewing and scrutinising your research paper by an expert in the same field.

It serves two purposes. Firstly, it determines the scope and originality of the study and thus, acts as a filter to ensure publication of high-quality research. Secondly, it improves the quality of the research manuscripts. Reviewers provide valuable suggestions for improving the quality of the manuscript and remove any errors within.

However, many authors criticise the process of peer review as it slows down the procedure of publication. But, keeping in mind the significant role of a reviewer, he doesn’t deserve criticism.

Nevertheless, he acts as your publication support because:

  • Provides an honest feedback of your research communication
  • Removes any personal bias and pre-set ideas from the manuscript
  • Corrects any serious mistakes in the manuscript and improves its quality
  • Encourages you to write better research papers
  • Builds your self-confidence to write the next research paper

With so many advantages at hand, you can’t undermine the importance of the peer review process. After all, it makes you a good author and progresses your research towards publication.

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