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Medical Proofreading Tips

Medical Proofreading: What Does it Mean to Proofread your Own Paper?

A scientist is confident in his research paper while submitting it to the journal. He knows he has worked hard, conducted an excellent study which would bring about a turnover in his field. He expects the peer-reviewers to understand the importance of his work and accept it for publication. But, unfortunately, his paper gets rejected. And the reason is poorly written research paper. Sounds like you? Probably, every scientist has gone through this. And that’s when he realizes the impor
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Medical Document Editing - step-by-step guide

Medical Editing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Edit your Document

Whether you have written a manuscript, thesis, or a dissertation, it needs to be edited and proofread. You can’t publish your research without this revision process. In fact, good papers always stem from good editing. You have to edit and proofread your own writing and make sure it is clear, correct, and consistent throughout. This is crucial to establish an authority with your audience and communicate your message clearly. But, the biggest dilemma! How easy it is to pick up your own
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10 common errors you should look for while editing your scientific manuscript

Scientific Editing: 10 Common Errors you Should Look for in your Manuscript

Writing, whether scientific or otherwise, can’t be devoid of errors. However expert you may be, you tend to make mistakes while writing your document. And that’s why scientific editing becomes necessary. Like every process, scientific editing too has a strategy: A strategy on what errors to look for while editing the scientific manuscript. So, here are the 10 common errors you should look for while editing your document. 1) Check for spelling mistakes You may be a language pro, yet i
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Scientific Writing Strategies

Make your Scientific Writing Productive with 6 Awesome Strategies

As a scientist, you must excel at different skills, all at the same time. The lab work, data analysis, sitting in committees, faculty meetings, attending conferences and what not! Plus, publish papers and apply for grants. So, you are always under tremendous pressure. It’s natural to get overwhelmed because scientific writing requires time, focus, and creativity. Writing at the last minute won’t give you a quality paper. Well, there are six strategies you can implement right now to sta
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Histopathology Laboratory_ How to Choose the Best Stain for your Slides

Histopathology Laboratory: How to Choose the Best Stain for your Slides?

Using stains in microscopy is a routine part of the daily operations in a histopathology laboratory. The purpose of using these stains is to enhance contrast and highlight the structures in the slides, and thus to get accurate results in the tests. However, choosing the best stain for accurate results isn't always easy. This is because there are numerous stains in histology and selecting the best is cumbersome. Besides the commonly used ones, many other stains are used for studying speci
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Regulatory Medical Writing

Regulatory Medical Writing: How to Manage Multiple Projects?

Regulatory Medical Writing involves writing a study protocol and/or a clinical study report (CSR) of a project. However, sometimes the medical writer has to tackle multiple projects with converging deadlines and all the study teams demanding more and more of his time. So, here are the medical writing tips to manage multiple projects efficiently. Identify the documents which are the most urgent and have the highest impact in a study. Prioritize them over those with the least impact. Ass
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Thin Layer Chromatography - Application & Advantages

Thin Layer Chromatography: Applications and Advantages

Thin layer chromatography is a type of liquid chromatography that is used to separate non-volatile mixtures such as glycerine into its individual components. The process is performed on a sheet of glass, plastic, or aluminium foil coated with a thin layer of adsorbent material like silica gel, aluminium oxide (alumina), or cellulose (known as the stationary phase). However, TLC is utilised in many industries for different purposes. Here are the applications and advantages of the techniq
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Why the medical research paper structure is important

Medical Paper Writing: Why the Paper Structure is Important?

The purpose of writing a medical research paper is not only to tell the world about your research. It is to go beyond the mere presentation of facts and thoughts. You must reach out to the readers in a way that communicates your research effectively and helps them understand the issues at hand. There’s no point in writing a research paper if the readers can’t take away the most important message or the message you want to convey through your medical paper. Why have good manuscript struct
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In-vitro Toxicity Testing in Drug Development

In-vitro Toxicity Testing in Drug Development

Before submitting an IND application, the concerned drug must go through a comprehensive series of in-vitro and in-vivo toxicity testing to ensure maximum safety in clinical trials. Considering the ethical issues and the cost of in-vivo animal tests, the pharmaceutical industry now relies more on in-vitro methods for toxicity testing in the drug development phase. Here, we answer the common questions regarding the in-vitro toxicity testing in drug development. What is the right time to scree
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Medical Dissertation Topics

The Most Trending Medical Dissertation Topics

A medical dissertation is the document of your research which you submit to get your doctoral degree. It’s a discourse on a particular research topic written as a part of an academic qualification. However, a medical dissertation is not only to get an academic degree but also the first research work you present to the world. It can also act as a turning point in your career and help acquire your dream job. Thus, it’s crucial to write a flawless medical dissertation. Choosing the right
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