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medical writing

Medical Writing: Answering Your Questions

1) What Is Medical Writing? Medical writing is the art of creating a document that includes medical information in a readable language which is easily comprehended by the target audience. The target audience for medical writing varies and so is the style of medical writing. Medical writing is generally divided into two categories based on purpose. One is educational medical writing while other is regulatory medical writing. Writing for layman audiences requires the use of simple words and co
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Medical Manuscript-All You Need to Know About

Medical Manuscript: All You Need to Know About

Introduction Medical manuscript writing is a document that depicts the research done by the researcher. It should be accurate, complete, precise, and provide unambiguous information. If the researcher does not feel comfortable in writing a research paper of its own, he may take the best medical manuscript writing service for getting his research paper published in the target journal. What is a Medical Manuscript? The medical manuscript is a document that is generally written by the researcher
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How Peer Editing can benefit your Scientific Manuscript

Scientific Editing: How Peer Editing can benefit your Manuscript

Peer editing is a technique used in manuscript and scientific writing. People engaged in peer editing draft their manuscripts and provide each other with valuable suggestions for improvement. The technique can be used at any point in the writing process – formulation of ideas, constructing an outline, draft revision, or copy editing of the final draft. How does the Peer Editing Process Work? The instructors of peer editing ask all authors to bring in their copies of a draft, distribute th
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What are the benefits of rapid publication

Publication support – What are the Benefits of Rapid Publication

The traditional publication track involves manuscript writing, submission, peer review, editing, and final publication in the journal. It spans a period of several months to a year depending on factors such as field of study, availability of peer reviewers, and the journal's publication frequency. However, today, scientific research, publication, and the researchers’ career progression depend not only on quality but speed as well. Certain scientific fields like immunology and clinical rese
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Tips to Write your First Scientific Research Paper

Scientific Writing: Tips to Write your First Research Paper

If you are nervous before writing your first research paper, you are not alone. Every scientist, however intelligent faces the same issue. Writing your first research paper is no less than winning a World War. The only difference is that the war is not external, but internal amongst your thoughts. On one hand, you feel excited to submit your first research paper and kick start your career in scientific research, while on other you are tense how you will write, what if you couldn’t submit on
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How to improve wordiness in medical manuscript writing

How to Improve Wordiness in Medical Manuscript Writing?

Do you find yourself writing too long sentences in your manuscript? Did you ever re-read your sentence and struggled to understand its meaning? If yes, you may be suffering from something called prolixity, or in simple terms, wordiness. Wordiness is one of the common mistakes a writer makes. Prolixity happens when a writer, either intentionally or unintentionally, uses too many words or unnecessarily complex or abstract words in his document when the job can be done in a few words.
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10 Basic characteristics of Quality Medical Dissertation Writing Service

10 Qualities to Look for in your Medical Dissertation Help

When you hire a medical dissertation service to write your research paper, it’s essential to choose a company you can trust. Writing a dissertation is one of the most important things in scientific research. So, when you are paying someone to write it, you must pay attention to certain basic qualities of a medical dissertation writing service. Here are the 10 basic characteristics you must check when hiring a medical dissertation help: 1)On-time delivery The medical diss
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When should you hire a Professional Medical Thesis Writing Service

Medical Thesis Writing: When Should you Hire a Professional Service?

Long before you plan to pursue a PhD degree, you know you have to submit a medical thesis. Not only to get your degree but also to contribute something unique to the scientific community with your research. However, writing a medical thesis doesn’t come easily to everyone. Luckily, professional medical thesis writing services are at your disposal. By hiring these services, you hire a team of skilled writers and editors who are experts in: Medicine/ Pharmacy/ Life Scien
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How to submit your revised manuscript to the medical journal

Medical Journal Articles: How to Submit your Revised Manuscript to the Journal?

It’s very rare that you submit your manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal and don’t receive a request to revise it. Most journals ask to revise your submission at least three or four times before it's finally accepted. If that sounds cumbersome to you, this article is not for you. Because receiving a request from the journal editors to revise your manuscript is far better than absolute rejection. It means that your idea, your research and your manuscript struck a chord in the reviewers
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write the “Methods” section of your medical paper

Medical Paper Writing: How to Write the Methods Section of your Research Paper?

The “Methods” section of a research paper contains the essential details for other scientists to replicate the study and helps the common readers understand the study better. It is like a road-map that guides the readers through the actual journey the authors took to reach the results of the study. Therefore, the “Methods” section of your research paper should be descriptive. Though it sounds easy, many authors miss the details while writing it. So, here are some tips to write the
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