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Are medical editing and medical proofreading same?

Are Medical Editing and Medical Proofreading Same?

Medical editing and proofreading go hand-in-hand to develop a manuscript worthy of publication in a journal. However, many authors confuse both the terms considering them as synonyms.

So, here we highlight the differences between medical editing and medical proofreading, and what functions they serve to your research paper.

  • Editing revises your document to improve the flow of information. It checks the accuracy of the language used and makes the document readable. Proofreading just removes the grammatical jargon like improper verbs, tense, pronouns, and subject-verb agreement.
  • Editing ensures the facts of the document are in a logical sequence, transitions are clear, and every paragraph relates to the argument. Proofreading corrects the misspelt words, incorrect or missing punctuation, and incorrect capitalization.
  • Editing improves the tone of your writing and makes it suitable for the target audience. Proofreading corrects the common sentence structure problems like comma splices, run-on sentences, wordiness, and sentence fragments.

So, if you think you can do with any of the two services, you are wrong. Both medical editing and medical proofreading serve different functions and are essential for submitting a perfect document.

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