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Microsampling Offers Powerful Advantages in Toxicity Testing

Microsampling Offers Powerful Advantages in Toxicity Testing

Microsampling or the use of small amounts of sample tissue has become one of the hot topics for discussion in animal research. Many researchers are now discussing, investigating, and utilising the benefits of microsampling in toxicity testing.

Though there’s a long way to go before microsampling becomes a routine in animal research, it still offers three benefits for toxicity testing:

1.It supports the 3Rs strategy

Due to the ethics related to the use of experimental animals, researchers have proposed a 3Rs strategy. It lays stress on the modification of study design that supports the minimum use of animals.

Microsampling for toxicology studies dramatically reduce the number of animals required for experiments and supports the 3Rs strategy.

2.It reduces the cost of toxicity testing

With fewer animals used in the study, the number of chemicals and test compounds required is also reduced. Thus, it reduces the overall cost of the study, resulting in further savings.

3.It is easy to implement in toxicology labs

Microsampling doesn’t require any specialized laboratory instruments. The standard lab equipment can be used to obtain micro samples without any extra effort. Thus, microsampling is easy to implement in a toxicity testing labs.

With microsampling, researchers can deliver high-quality results quickly and cost-effectively. And that’s the most powerful advantage of all.

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