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7 Common Mistakes in Writing a Medical Dissertation

7 Common Mistakes in Writing a Medical Dissertation

A medical dissertation is a document of your research which you have to submit for obtaining a doctoral degree. It’s also a test to check your competency in conducting an independent research. It can act as a turning point in your career in future and help you gain world recognition through your research.

Therefore, it is extremely important to write your medical dissertation in a flawless manner. The classroom lectures and examinations during your doctoral program pose extreme pressure on your mind. And to write an error-free medical dissertation seems like another hurdle. So, mistakes are bound to happen in such a scenario.

Here is a list of the common mistakes which the students make while writing their medical dissertation:

1.They do not inquire about the University guidelines for writing their dissertation

Many students do not check with their University for medical dissertation writing guidelines. This results in the unnecessary burden of revising their dissertations and a delay in their submission.

2.They do not choose a research topic of their interest

Many students choose a research topic as per their mentor’s interest, keeping their own interest in the back seat. Discuss your research work with your mentor, follow his suggestions, but never choose a topic that you are not interested to work upon.

Your disinterest in the topic will ultimately reflect in your writing.

3.They choose a non-debatable dissertation topic

If you choose a topic that is an accepted fact, you won’t be able to add anything through your research. E.g. “Pollution is bad for the environment” is not a debatable topic, as it is an accepted fact. Instead, you can choose a title like “Government’s anti-pollution efforts must focus on privately owned cars.”

4.They formulate a broad statement for their dissertation title

Broad statements like “The increasing use of internet has led to increasing crime rate” require too many things to be included in the dissertation. As a result, students lose motivation and are not able to advance their research in the right direction. On the other hand, if you narrow down the dissertation title, you can easily find the supporting evidence for it.

5.They choose a dissertation topic that has irrelevant or outdated information

In case you do not have sufficient data to support your research or include outdated information in your dissertation, it will raise your chances of rejection. Moreover, you will waste your time and energy.

6.They do not research on the resources available for the study

You choose a topic for your research. Start preparing a draft of your dissertation. Suddenly you realise that the data to support your research is deficient. You do not have sufficient data to support your arguments. So, plan in advance and keep all your resources ready before drafting your medical dissertation.

7.They do not plan the medical dissertation writing

Medical dissertation writing is hard, and that’s why the Universities provide ample time to its students to prepare one. However, if you don’t utilize this time properly to plan each stage of your research and dissertation writing, you will run out of time very fast.

So, you must assign a timeline that estimates the length of each task. Discuss all your doubts with your mentor. Submit a research proposal to him before you begin writing and the first draft of your dissertation for his suggestions or approval.

Take care to avoid these common mistakes while writing your medical dissertation, so that you complete it on time!. Otherwise please feel free to contact medical dissertation writing services team at Cognibrain.

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