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Medical Proofreading Tips

Successful Medical Proofreading: 5 Tips for the Beginners

Every researcher wants his manuscript to be ready for publication in his target journal. And to develop such a manuscript, he looks towards competent medical proofreading services.

But what makes a medical proofreading service competent?

Of course, it’s their medical proofreaders! If they are competent and experienced, they will offer a good service to their clients and get them back for more work.

So, here are the five tips for the beginners on how to set themselves up for the success in medical proofreading:

1) Understand the publication process

The basic requirement of a proofreading job is to know the final destination of the manuscript i.e. where it will be published.

Will it be published as a print book or in a scholarly journal? This is important because the proofreading process will change accordingly. If the manuscript has to be published as a print book, proofreading might involve marking up a “print gallery” in a PDF.

2) Take a course or a workshop in medical proofreading

A medical or an English degree is not sufficient. You need to hone your proofreading skills as well. This is especially important if you work on different contexts like on paper, in Microsoft Word or in a PDF.

A professional course or a workshop in medical proofreading will develop the necessary skill set in you.

3) Use the right technology for the job

As per Rich Adin, author of the popular “An American Editor blog”, you must choose the right computer for proofreading as this will give you access to the tools that can improve your proofreading accuracy and efficiency.

4) Use digital tools to improve the accuracy and efficiency of proofreading

Though digital tools can’t replace a human eye in the proofreading process, they can, sometimes, save your time and efforts. You should proofread the manuscript yourself first. Then, you can take the help of these digital tools for the second round of the proofreading process.

These proofreading tools can also check the internal consistency of the submitted document.

5) Develop your business acumen

Success in medical proofreading needs business acumen as well. By developing your business and marketing tactics, you can get yourself in the front of your target customers easily and at a faster rate.

So, invest your time and efforts in following these tips that will help you learn the basics of successful medical proofreading.

The publishing field is constantly changing. So, you must keep yourself informed and quickly adapt to these changes to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, these tips will also help you understand that successful proofreaders are curious – they are constant learners, always with an eye to what might be on the horizon.

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