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5 Skills every Successful Medical Journal Editor Has

5 Skills every Successful Medical Journal Editor Has

The world of medical editing and medical proofreading is really tough out there.

And you may wonder… How do the most successful medical journal editors get the work? How do they gain an edge in the competition and earn a handsome amount?

However, there’s no magic formula to this. And only a bachelor’s degree in English is not sufficient. All successful medical journal editors have the same skill set essential for their success and higher income.

So what are these skills?

Let’s learn them quickly!

1) Find your niche and work on it

Though some people may advise you to not fix a niche for yourself and get out in front of as many people as you can.  However, if you stick with a specific niche, you will become an expert in that field.

You can highlight your expertise in your portfolio and increase your chances of getting referrals and repeat clients from within that industry.

Even within the medical industry, you can choose small niches like Cardiology, Respiratory, Urology, etc.  But before you choose a niche for yourself, make sure it suits your interest and you get well trained in it as a proofreader.

If you don’t have the proper skills and knowledge in a particular field, you can easily spoil your reputation.

2) Be a constant learner

A medical journal editor doesn’t know it all. Therefore, he strives to find mentors in his niche and ask questions from them to seek a specialised training in medical proofreading.

If you can find higher-earning and successful mentors in your niche, feel free to contact them. They know what works and have a steady flow of referrals due to their excellent work. They will give you a little advice, encouragement, or help you figure out your next move as a medical journal editor.

So, spend time on continuing education beyond that English degree to distinguish yourself from the competition.

3) Answer your e-mails astonishingly fast

If you take a day or two or weeks to answer an e-mail from a client or never answer it at all, what message does it send?

It communicates your inattentiveness or indifference towards them. So, how can you expect them to acknowledge your needs?

All the clients have their deadlines. So, if you take more than a few hours to reply to the client, it’s bad. Even if you are busy with other assignments, just respond them with a confirmation e-mail. A quick response tells your client that you acknowledge his work and his requirements.

4) Market yourself

You can sit and wait for the work to come to you or act by marketing yourself. This way you can get more work and at a much faster rate.

However, your marketing tactics need to be smart to get you in front of your target customer. Find all the social media channels where your target customer hangs out and promote yourself. Brush up your online marketing skills and grow your business.

5) Don’t give up ever

As said before, the road of medical proofreading and editing is tough. But, even when the going gets tough, you must stick to it. Don’t take shortcuts. Mistakes will happen, but learn from those mistakes and move on as a better professional.

Last but not the least, successful medical journal editors always strive for excellence and they are well aware of their existence as an imperfect human being. Mistakes and setbacks can happen to anyone, but it’s the action you take to improve them that builds a true character and helps you live the life you want.

Remember, success is not an overnight achievement, but a continuous tread on the right path.

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